Privacy policy

○Definition of personal information

In our site, personal information means the information (name, date of birth, other personal identification that can be) about personal survival restricted by the Personal Information Protection Law, email address and user ID, individual information to be used and recognized, and age, family structure and other information that indicates and attributes individual.


○Acquisition of personal information

In our site, we will obtain personal information within the necessary matter by legal and fair way.


○Purpose of use of personal information

Services provided by our site (which include services provided by registered companies and affiliated partners, and hereinafter referred to “our service”) use personal information for the purposes as below.


1) To provide notice information about launch and renewal of our service.

2) To provide questionnaires about our offered service.

3) To guide by email products, services, events and seminar information of our service and partner companies.

4) To create, use, disclose and provide statistical data about our service to the extent that no individual can be identified.

5) To create, use and provide our service improvement and marketing data after processing the data in order not to be able to identify individual.


○Management of personal information

Our site implements safety measures and strictly manage personal information by maintaining a security system, developing management system, training employees thoroughly, and taking necessary measures, in order to keep customers’ personal information accurate and up-to-date, and protect personal information from unauthorized access, loss, damages, falsification, and leakage.


○Notice of purpose of use of personal information

Our site notifies the purpose of use in handling personal information as far as possible.


○cookie information・IP address

cookieAlthough since cookie information and IP address alone are not be able to identify individual, they are not considered as personal information, when they are used with personal information as one, cookie information and IP address are considered as personal information. In the media to operate our site, the purpose and way will be disclosed when cookie information and IP address are used, even though specific individual cannot be recognized. In addition, the use of cookie information can be refused by selecting the appropriate settings on the browser.


○Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties

Our site appropriately manage customers’ personal information, and not disclose personal information except in any of the following case.

・With customers’ consents

・When it is necessary to disclose based on the law


○Safety measure of personal information

We take all possible security measures to keep accuracy and safety of personal information.


○Individual inquiry

If the customer would like to make an inquiry, correction or deletion regarding the personal information, we will comply after verifying the customer’s identity.


○Compliance and review of laws and norms

We will comply Japanese laws and regulations applicable to personal information we possess and make efforts to improve the content of this policy by reviewing it when necessary.


○Contact us

Please contact us as below for inquiry of our handling of personal information.


Naonato Annex #302 Ebisu Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0013, Japan

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